JB's Clean Carpets is a sole proprietorship that is owned by Jack Babashoff. Jack will have been a carpet cleaner for 17 years on March 2022. The goal of JB"s Clean Carpets is to provide a high quality of carpet cleaning while saving people money. We are now using a new Rotovac system that will scrub your carpet better than any human can. This is a quality non [truck mounted] system that really gets to the bottom of your carpet. We always ask for 24 hours dry time which is over kill. Carpets dry in 3 hours sometimes.    
​Jack is also a former Olympic silver medalist swimmer from 1976, Montreal.  He won his medal in the 100 freestyle and held the world record in the 4X100 freestyle relay for 5 years.  In the past he was always called ''Shirley's brother" because his sister Shirley, held 6 world records at one time and won 9 Olympic Metals.  A recent movie (2016) was made about Shirley and the East German doping scandal called "The Last Gold."  It can be found on You Tube for free.  
World record relay team. Joe Bottom left, Jim Montgomery rear. Jack & Rick Demont on the right
The awards stand. Left ,Jack Babashoff USA. Middle, Jim Montgomery USA. Right Peter Knoch W. Germany.
Jack & Shirley.
Poolside Montreal.
Jack's favorite pic.  Shirley, Pres. Ford & members of the U.S. women's 1976 swim team.  Shot by Jack with a Kodak Instamatic.
This is another angle from the  White House photographer.  It shows yours truly, Jack, shooting the picture to the right. Jack is between Gerald Ford's head and the secret service guy with the sunglasses.
Awards stand close-up