The system used at JB’s Clean Carpets now incorporates a Rotovac system. This system is better than a wand alone as it cleans deeper and is better for hair and beach sand. Your carpet is then detailed with a wand. This is a comprehensive system that works really well. We also take pride in keeping our prices down to help you fight inflation. You can now do your carpet more often without spending a bundle.

Jack was also a 1976 Olympic swimmer winning a silver medal in the 100 freestyle. He came from a swimming family and has a sister Shirley, who has a total of 9 Olympic medals from 1972 and 1976. Pictures posted below.

Jack on the award stand
Jack on the award stand
Award stand: left to right Jack Babashoff, Jim Montgomery, Peter Knoc (East Germany)
Jack and Shirley poolside
This pic. was shot by the White House photographer. It shows Jack between Pres. Gerald Fords head and the secret service guy (sun glasses), taking the shot to the right.
Jacks favorite pic. Shows Shirley, (red stripes) and members of the 1976 womens US swim team meeting Pres. Gerald Ford . Shot with a Kodak Instamatic.
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